3C2DThree Circles To Desisting

Project n° 76843


This research was funded by the European Union’s Justice Programme (2014-2020).


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To address radicalism and terrorism issues, 3CToD aims to develop evaluation methods and care programs fitting the needs of European correctional and community services.

Based on the program « Cercle sur l’Emprise », created and set up by ARCA toward radicalized inmates in France for one year, 3CToD will lead a risk evaluation and prevention plan for inmates and offenders on probation exposed to radicalism influences.

The 3 professional circles correspond to restorative and educational styles, rehabilitation methods and evaluation. 3CToD will be carried out in Belgium, Italy and France, and supported by each national correctional / criminal administrations. University research teams will supervise the translation of training material and manuals, the evaluation of the program and its effects, and the ensuing revision of material and manuals.

ARCA will train members of the partner teams to the program; the local team will train professionals from the experiment field (N=60 a minima). For each country, the program will be applied in at least 2 detention / correctional centers, on adults inmates and offenders (experimental and control groups; N=120 a minima). Data collection and analysis will focus on: the intern coherency of criteria and the fidelity of the evaluation tools; the program experiencing by professionals (qualitative data); the program impact on offenders (qualitative and quantitative data).

3CToD will integrate criminological models of desisting into correctional practices in respect toward the European Probation Rules, and will ensure harmonization. It will provide insights into the changes in risk and protection factors and desisting in offenders, and into the skills development and self-efficiency perception in professionals regarding the desisting process from radicalism.